Frustration leads to innovation

According to a report from Canadian parliamentary budget office 40% of young Canadian graduates are overqualified for the work they do. There is obviously a mismatch for graduates between their skills and opportunities that leave them with high debt and low incomes. The keys to reverse the trend are industry-university partnerships, jobs-oriented training and greater counselling and guidance to prospective university students in choosing their field of study. However, the Internet is full of innovations born from frustration. I hope that the disappointment and frustration of being overqualified will not just result in despair, but in a new wave of innovative entrepreneurs.

One thought on “Frustration leads to innovation”

  1. Unfortunately I feel that Canada is insufficiently set up to take advantage of the HQP they produce. A friend in the medical technology sector once told me that the intellectual capital produced at Canadian universities far exceeds that produced in comparable US universities. Yet the rate at which innovation is generated from this intellectual capacity is disappointing in Canada compared to the US. I can see several reasons for this and some of these lie at the educational institutions when the infrastructure (both in terms of training and capital) to translate invention to innovation is not present or does not matching the intellectual opportunities. A worthwhile but hard problem to tackle but if this can be addressed the payoff could be massive…

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