About US

We are a dedicated research team consisted of the principal investigator Dr. Shirin Abbasinejad Enger, graduate students: Gabriel Famulari, Yuji Kamio and Marc Morcos (PhD Candidates), Ximeng Mao, Liam Carroll, Julien Mégrourèche, and Joseph DeCunha (MSc Candidates), and undergraduate students: Samuel Thibodeau, Peter Kim, Mira El-Irani, Alaina Bui and Tristan Shoemaker (BSc Candidates). The overall goal of the research in our lab is to enable patient-specific radiotherapy delivery. We are introducing new delivery systems and radiation sources for brachytherapy treatments, developing fast model-based dose calculation and treatment planning software for research and clinical use, investigating the difference in radiobiological effectiveness between different radiation modalities, and developing new detectors for use in quality assurance of radiotherapy treatments and imaging. Our aim is to reduce the side effects related to radiotherapy and improve outcomes, with a better quality of life for patients.

From left to right: Ximeng Mao (MSc Candidate), Gabriel Famulari (PhD Candidate), Liam Carroll (MSc Candidate), Julien Mégrourèche (MSc Candidate), Shirin A. Enger (Principal Investigator), Samuel Thibodeau (BSc Candidate), Peter Kim (BSc), Mira El-Irani (BSc Candidate), Joseph DeCunha (BSc), Tristan Shoemaker (BSc Candidate), Yuji Kamio (PhD Candidate). Missing: Marc Morcos (PhD Candidate) and Alaina Bui (BSc Candidate).